Premier Client Package

Premier Client Package

Services   Available   for   all  locations:   Savannah, GA / Hilton Head, SC   &   Atlanta, GA.


OK Great! I’ve decided to take this journey with Cartee Image Consultants. What happens now? 

Let’s walk through this together.  

(Styling and Image Consulting Services are based off of one Premier Client Package. However, some fashion forward clients may desire to purchase CIC services al a carte. More in depth descriptions of each individual service can be found on the drop down menu. Al a carte services are billed per hour.


Step 1)  Getting  Started:  Personal  Image, Wardrobe, and Color Analysis 

Contact  us  in  regard  to  pricing.  Through  this website, through  email,  or  call  (912) 224-8352.  Easy!

We   are  so  glad   that  you  chose   to  become   a   “spruced   goose”  with   us! It   is   so   easy   to   get   the   ball  rolling   and   your   transformation   under   way.   Just   contact   Cartee Image Consultants   on   this   website  using  our contact page or  give  us  a  call  at  (912) 224-8352  and  we  will  promptly  get in  touch with  you.  Upon   your   initial   new   client   inquiry   for   any Personal Image Consulting   service   you   will   receive    a    emailed   questionnaire   that   will   allow   your   Image  Consultant   a   quick   glimpse   into   your  lifestyle,   likes   and   dislikes,   and   goals   in   which   you   hope   to   achieve.


Step 2)  What  to  Expect:  Beginning Your  Personal  Image  Consultation 

We  will  start  with  a  look  at  you  and  your  wardrobe.

After   your   free   consultation,  Cartee Image Consultants   offers,   by appointment,  a   Wardrobe Analysis  and/or  Closet Organization Service. During   your   2-3  hour   Wardrobe Analysis,  your  Image Consultant  will   provide   you   with   advice   and   beauty   recommendations,   analyze   your   wardrobe   and   weed   out   unflattering   items,   identify   and   categorize   a   list    of   essential articles   that    are  missing    from   your   wardrobe,   and   give   outfit   suggestions.   If   you choose  to   add    a    Closet Organization Service,    your  Image Consultant   will   give   expert   recommendations   during   your  Wardrobe Analysis  on   Closet Organization.  Your  Image Consultant  and   will   return  for    a    second   2-3 hour  visit,   at  the  very  end of  your  journey,   to help  you  organize   your    new   revamped   wardrobe.


Step 3)  What  to  Expect:  Time  To  Shop

Brace yourself for shopping at it’s best! 

You   have   just   had  your  Wardrobe Analysis   here   is   what   comes   next. If you  love  to  shop  then  this  next  service  will  be  the  icing  on  your  makeover cake!   Just  like  a  close  friend, you  and  your  Image Consultant, now functioning  as Personal  Shopper, will  embark  on  a  whirl  wind shopping extravaganza;  a service  entitled   Personal Shopping Assistance. On  3  different shopping trips, for  2-3  hours,  your  Image Consultant  will  shop  with  you (or  for  you  if  you  just  can’t  find  the  time – how  luxurious) from handpicked  stores  that  are  perfect  for  your  style,  needs,   and   budget.


Step 4)  What  to  Expect:  New  Clothes  Need  A  New  Home

 Finishing touches on our master piece – you.

After   you   have   shopped   now   have   a   slew   of   yummy  new   clothes.   What now?   After   each   shopping   trip  you   will   take   all   of   your  new   clothes  home.   Once   all   the   shopping   excursions   have   been   completed your  Image Consultant  will   come   over   to   your   house   for   a   1-2 hour   visit   to   help   you   organize   your   closet   and   polish   off   your   outfits.   During   this   last  visit   your   clothes   will   be   photographed   for   your  Virtual Closet We  don’t   want  you   to   ever   be  left   without   a   quick   reference   for   wardrobe   inspiration.   A   week   later   you   will   be   sent   a   link   to   your   own   personal   Virtual Closet  which   is   managed   by   your   personal   IC/Stylist.  The  app  can   be  viewed  on   all   mobile   devices  and   contains  photos   of   your   clothes,   sample   outfits, and   models   to   inspire   you.  


The   Premier Package   enrolls   clients   in   one   month   of   a   “On Staff Stylist”   and  ”Virtual Closet”  services.  



Offices in Savannah,Ga Atlanta,Ga and Hilton Head,SC
Phone: (912)224-8352


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