Are You Ready For Your Personal Makeover? 

It’s all about you . . .

Image   and   making   a   great   first   impression   is   important   to   everyone. Because   personal   image   and   how   you  are  perceived   by  others   matters to   you,   it  matters  to   us.  Cartee  Image Consultants   is   dedicated   to   helping   you  discover  your  image,  build  your  image,  and   live  your  image.  

Your   appearance,   hair,   wardrobe,   grooming,   and   makeup   are   as   important   as   your   smile   and  a   great   handshake. When  an   air   of confidence  and  self assurance   are   projected,   success  in   business   and relationships are   inevitable.  You   have   come  to   the   right   place   if   you   are   seeking   to    look    great   for  a   new   job   or   looking   or   succeed in your   current   corporation,   single,   recently   divorced,   achieved  success   in   weight   loss   or   in  need   of   general  self-image   improvement.   Cartee Image Consultants   provides   services   and   advice   that   is   custom   tailored to   fit   your  lifestyle  needs  and  budget.   

Whether   you   have   an   image   that   needs   to   be   refreshed   or completely overhauled,   our   expert  consultants   will   guide   you   every   step   of   the   way.  Our expert   advice   can   save   you   time,   money   and   a lot   of   frustration   by   showing   you   the   right   colors,   styles,   stores   and products you   should   utilize.  Cartee Image Consultants   can   assist  you  with  an  image/wardrobe/color analysis,   wardrobe   purchasing,   outfit   matching,  proper accessorizing,  hair,  skin  and   makeup tips,  closet organization,  etiquette,   and  more.  When you   look   your   best   you feel   your   best.

We invite you to contact us today to learn more about the new look for you!

 Sara Keel, nurse and CIC client.

Most frequently asked Question:

Q: Can I Benefit from Image Consulting? 

A: Everyone can reap the benefits of extra style in their lives.  

Image Consulting   and   being   Professionally Styled   is  not   just   a   luxury for you   but   a   necessity.   Personal Styling   along   with   Image Consulting  instills in   Cartee  Image Consultants   clients   the   confidence and  “Moxy”   to strut  with class   and   style   with   a   sense   of   individuality.

Once  you   have   shopped   or organized   your   wardrobe   with   us,   you will be taught   how   to   consistently  dress  better   and   you   will   poses   a noticeable   and   unparalleled   knowledge   of beauty   and   fashion.   Building   this   consistent   “Personal Brand”   will   allow   you   to   express   yourself   better   and more   fitting   to   your   lifestyle,   personality,  not   to mention   your   professional aspirations.   Kevin Cartee  and   Cartee Image Consultants  have   the expertise   to will   provide   you   with  knowledge   that   will   last you   a   lifetime,  of  what   not   to   wear,   after   your  Personal Image Makeover.

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