Entertaining Etiquette – For The Professional

So you are working in the corporate world and you need to entertain quests at a dinner. Well, there are a few things you should know that will make the dinner progress flawlessly.

Tip 1: If you are hosting the event YOU  need to make all the restaurant arrangements according to your guest of honors likes – not yours. You are trying to ensure that your guests have a great time.

Tip 2: Rules tell us that there are no gender rules, so when the the maitre d’ leads everyone to their seating the guest of honor is to be the first to walk – host always defers to the guest of honor. *** (This rule is contingent on US region. In the South, no southern gentlemen walks ahead of the ladies in the group, honoree or not.)

Tip 3: The hose must know everyone’s name as well as be familiar with the menu and ready to make recommendations. This is work you need to do with the restaurant before even of. BE PREPARED!

Tip 4: When dining it is acceptable for the host to suggest to the waiter for the honoree to place their order first – then followed by the ladies in the group.

Tip 5: The person of honor always sits to the RIGHT of the host. The right side is always a place of respect.

Tip 6: The responsibility of check is entirely up to the host. Excuse yourself  and pay so there are no awkward moments.

As host you are in charge of leading the group through the entire process. By being prepared you can come across as confident and polished; plus everyone will have a great time! Great manners are used to put your friends and guests at ease. Have a servants attitude.

- Kevin Cartee, Image Consultant/Wardrobe Stylist 

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